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Case Studies


You may able to get some ideas what can Min do for you from this Case Study page. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information about us and our services.


Motor Neurology Disease

Anxiety and Palpitation


Calf ulcer with diabetes

After four miscarriages......

Incontinence of urine

Infertility succeed at once

Heel Spur, Arch Pain, Bunion Toe and Plantar Fascia Treatment

Felt pregnant naturally after 8yrs no period

Pins and Needles

Inducing Labour

Feet Arthritis Treatment

Infrared healing for Chrohn's disease


Tennis Elbow

Irritable bowel syndrome

Mediication withdrawal

Haemochromatosis: excess iron

Substance Abuse

Restless Legs - Dancing Syndrome

She didn't go blind, infact, brighter!

She is breathing NO2 & CO2 in 8hrs a day!

15yo Bed Wettings

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*The tongue is large, color is pale with shinny moist white coating; this indicates spleen and kidney yang deficiency.The yang warm tonic herbs will be the best; she should avoid cold food and drinks. Herbal moxa also effective in this case.
*This tongue also appears in larger shape with teeth marks on sides; indicates Qi (energy) deficiency.


*This tongue coated thick and dry white fur, indicating the person is in damp and heat condition.
*This person was showing very tired and irritable.
*Treatment will be offer eliminating damp/heat herbs. Acupuncture and cupping should be performed.



*It is a very clear picture that her tongue is showing peeling on the front part but coating on the middle and back part of the tongue.
*This lady was unable to sleep for weeks, very emotional and had a sore and red eyes. This is what we called heart and liver in fire. Heart is fire organ in 5 elements and liver is the wood organ. The fire will be stronger if you keep adding the woods into the fire.

This is so called geography tongue. The lady had suffered irritable bowl syndrome for more then 10 years. When she was in high school, she was skipping meals and had many absences because cramping tummy.


He was on fire. This is another form of geography tongue, but much severe than the last one. He had too much hot and spicy food. Plus he was working more than 16 hours every day for weeks. For a young age man, he needs 7-9 hours sleep a day.


*She started her own business recently. She worked very hard and long hours. She is totally exhausted.

*Her tongue has a circle of teeth marks, which indicated the Qi deficiency or short of breath. Her eye-bag is so dark showed she did not had a good- sleep for weeks.



Strong Damp and Heat case. Need to quit smoking and alcohol, and use herbs to clean up internal toxic. Which he never can quench the thirst although he drinking all day long. That is the tipical Damp/Heat condition.

This 13yo boy came to the Health Expo with his Mum and had this cupping down on his back. As showed some very dark spots from the cupping, Min suggested his Mum take him to the clinic, but they didn't show. Sadly, those toxic was remaining in his body and flared up into a badly flu, temperature and pneumonia in just a week time.


“脾胃論” 的先驅李中元先生的理論仍然是今日病理學的重要依據
"Diagestive System Plays the Most Important Role in Clinical Pathology"
Ref: Li, zhonngyuan. "Pi Wei Lun".



Most of Min's services are health fund claimable.

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