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Jade Thermal Massage Bed

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Only $15 for a N3 cycle (~20-25min) section 
before / after your treatment or you are accompany with the client


ONLY $15 per N3 Cycle
if you have a massage after your
Acupuncture section

Single use: $25-30min
Advanced Payment Discount Up to 50% Off.
That is $25 per hour
113 Didbrook St, Robertson
Booking: 0414 088 086

Advanced Payment Discount:

buy 10hrs get 15% off  
buy 30hrs get 35% off  
buy 50hrs get 50%OFF
$5 discount with a section of acupuncture treatment
$5 discount if you are accompany with patient         

Share the hours with your families and friends, or as a gift to spoil your Mum. The purchases of advanced payment discount will be used within a year. In circumstances, refund could be given, after deducted by the price of single uses.


Used as supplementary instrument treatment for lumbar spondylosis (chronic strain of lumbar muscles, slipped lumbar disc, back pain), muscle pain and cervical spine problems


Alternative therapy to assistant the treatment of chronic health problems, such as diabetic, high cholesterol, poor circulation and obesity, etc. It is recommended that your situation should under monitoring and other effective treatments should maintain until improvement is approved.


Children under 12 of age is not recommended.

Main Features


1)      Six group of premium jade internal projector for maximum effect

2)      Heated jade rollers can reach temperatures of 40oC to 70oC to effectively transfer heat to you needed discomfort spots on your back

3)      Neck jade roller with liner rail to provide extra treatment for the head and neck discomfort

4)      Tourmaline stone has five major benefits for the human body:
a) Release of 4-14 Ám high energy far infrared ray
b) Release of negative ion permanently
c) Generates 0.06ma bio-current
d) Rich in minerals and elements?
e) Erases bad smells and kills bad bacteria

5)      Chiropractic, acupressure and infrared therapy

6)      Two external jade projectors with 5/13 balls to be applied to the parts of the body unreachable by the bed

7)      Back massage mattress angle can be adjusted to suit your personal needs




Pregnant women, tumour sufferers, people with severe high blood pressure, acute suppuratives inflammation, hemorrhagic tendency, pacemaker users and people with bone fractures are strictly prohibited to use this product.




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