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Hicap and Eftpos Facilitated


Robertson Clinic
The home clinic is located at Robertson. Take Mains Rd exit(from north) or Logan Rd exit(from south) of Pacific Motorway and turn into Musgrave Rd. 11kms from Brisbane City and 12kms from Springwood. It is convenient for people who needs flexible hours. Home clinic usually time flexable. Appointment is essencial, please call 0414 088 086, Min may not be able to answer your call straight away due to working with clients. But if you send a message or leave your number, you will get call back soon Min comes available. Robertson clinic charges usually more effective.

113 Didbrook Street
Robertson / Sunnybank (near QEII hospital) QLD. 4109.
Flexible clinic time: Mon to Fri. and some Saturdays
Phone: 0414 088 086 or email: minwu88@hotmail.com 
Clinic  phone:  3277 0263 to arrange your appointment.

Mobile services available for elderly, disability people for a set fee of $99/hr plus products and traveling. Service will individually planed to help you achieve the highes health protential.
Travel cost is $10 per zone, according the bus zonings, which Robertson is located in between 3/4 zone. Multiple up front purchase for 10 treatmments is $900 +travel.

Health Fund Rebates Available
(following price based on half hour section or sepecified time fram)
HICAP & EFTPOS Facilitated


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Full TCM diagnoses / Examination + Combined Treatments 1 hr
Short follow up consultation
BOUNS 25min Jade Massage Bed for FREE (Available at Robertson Clinic only) 
Aditional Treatments Available (in additional time)
Infrared Sport Injuries Treatment 
Bio - Electrical Therapy                                
Megnitic Field Therapy
Move Cupping   
Aditional charges may apply
From $20
Herbal product 1wk single supply
Above are the basic price, other conditions may apply.
from ~$20

Herbs Cure Blood Disorders for 79yo Thelma



Would you like more information? We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information about us and our services. Please do not hesitate to send your comment and inquires.

0414 088 086
07 3277 0263

balancing Yin Yang to achieve your highest health potential