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I am specialising in clinical diagnosis from new born to elderly. No matter what your complain is, In Chinese medicine, it could the Yin and Yang level imbalances, could be under the condition of Hot, Cold, Dampness or Dryness. Whether the sickness is in your meridians or inside your organs, I will combining the Chinese Medicine Theory with Western science, do my best to answer your question and help your problems by using some forms of Acupuncture, Herbs, Massage, Infa-red and the appropriate Exercises and life style Advices. 


Margaret, age 83yo. She has been a healthy woman other than suffering Dancing Legs Syndrome that started 4 years ago. Her legs cannot stop jumping day and night, medication didn't have much result, and this is drive her made.
She had visited all kinds of specialists, but they all shake the head and just put it as old age disease.
Come to see Min for the last resort, Min didn't put a single needle in her leg. Min treats her on the scalp and acupuncture on the 'Dancing Zone' of the scalp. After some treatments, Margaret felt her legs have much better control and the jumping has reduced noticeably.

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Broken spine from T7/T8 level for 9 years

Rob will never forget the motorbike accident throwed him out tens of meters away 9 years ago. he has broken spine from T7/T8 level and the spinal cord had also broken. He was ended in the wheelchair, and no felling from T7 downwards. But he never give up for hope, his positive attitude keep him active and look for help for all those years.
Nine years on, by using arms in all movements, Rob's arms getting very tired, his abdomenal feelings getting less and less. A massage therapist referred him to see Min. Min found a large size swelling on his mid-back covered from T7-L1. This certainly could be a problem caused his already brocken/weacken nerve under more pressure.
Min uses infared massage and followed with acupuncture on JiaJi point along the spine. The swelling goes down every week and his feeling is coming back more and more.

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