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Anxiety and Palpitation


Roxanne comes to see Min for her anxiety and heart palpitation two months ago. She is 38 of age, married and has a caring husband and 2 lovely children.  She had a miscarriage 2 years ago, and slowly builds up a lot of fare and insomnia. She has been diagnosed stomach ulcer and taking laxidiun ever since.  


Stomach is an Earth organ according the Five Elements theory. Ulcer is caused from a form of toxic Fire. Fire then, burns the heart and showing all those anxiety, palpitation and heart burn symptoms.


Shows on her tongue, there was a 2x1 inch peeling empty spot all the way from the tip to the middle of her tongue. This is telling us, that her heart, her lung and her digestive system are under fire! It can be a situation of pre-diabetes.


With no delate, Min uses the Five Elements theory, withdraw the woods to reduce fire and treat her stomach ulcer with diet education, lifestyle education and herbal medicine.  There is problem was not expected, that Roxanne has been trouble with anxiety for so long and she was so much worry about accepting new medicines and even scare to walk out the door by herself. She refuses to take any thing in this stage. Min needs to take step by step to leading her overcome the fare. Min was given her acupuncture to relax her emotion as well as relaxes her stomach cramp, given her herbal teabags to slowly introducing the herbal medicine.


These were worked well. In two weeks time, the fire has reduced 25%. Roxanne start accepting new stuff and willing to take herbal medicine. That made things much easier. Follow with acupuncture treatment; magnetic pads on her stomach area for about 6 weeks, Roxanne had a very positive result. She sleeps well and no heart burn, only now and then feeling palpitation. Continue with mild herbal treatment and diet the right food, Roxanne will be recovered fully in a near future.

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Missing Heart Bits


Mr.F, 55yo, is a high school teacher for his life. He gets regular medical check up and has been satisfy from his doctor always. Comes with her wife for a massage, Min gave him a check of his blood pressure, and found the BP was okay, but he has a regular missing heart bits. To be safe, he had another check up from his GP and follows up with ECG and other necessary medical examinations, and certified that was a problem. He was very upset that his doctor never able to pick up the problem and turns to Min for the natural-medicine treatment.


Lifestyle has been almost always the first thing begin trouble to the heart. He start walk with his little puppy for kilometres before he goes to school, he takes the horrible herbs, and he comes to Min for electronic acupuncture to regulate his heart bits. His heart bits getting more and more regular and better and better power. Only in 3 months time, his health is no more under threat, and feeling so much younger for himself.

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