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Osteoproses Treatment
Bone Mass Increaced

On age 48, Mrs.H had diagnosed in Osteoporoses and L4 and L5 height has reduced >20%. In Year 2000, her bone density on lumber spine was 0.843, Y 2003 down to 0.805. Doctor started her in Fosmax, then Y 2005 back up to 0.828. Not very long after her test, she was feeling very tired all the time and decided took a long break travelling around Australia and continue on Fosmax treatment. Half way on her journey, in Year 2006 she took a bone density test, it was gone down to 0.794. Two years later, they come back and settle down in Brisbane again. She was feeling unable to do any work, by standing a few hours cafe work, she had enough for the rest of the day. She doesn’t realise that the poor bone condition had claimed so much of her energy.


Came to see Min 10 months ago, Min did not just treat her condition but also educate her with a combination of diet, nutrition, lifestyle, supplements and medications, as well as DYO posture adjustment everyday. She was taken twice a week infrared and acupuncture treatment in the beginning for about 6 weeks, then once a week for another 6 weeks. Her spinal condition had noticeable changes and so is her energy felt so much better as short as only in 3 months. Because her work experiences and positive work attitude, she got promoted to a store manager and work full time. She handled the full time job right through and her back has not been a trouble.


On Jan. 2009 bone scanning, her bone density is come back up to 0.823, even her scoliosis has got straighter. It is still not great, but considering her bone density was lower and lower each year, considering her age, considering her workload, considering she has never take any hormone replacement, Mrs.H is quite happy with her progress, and felling stronger and the pain free result.

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            Diarrhoea—Allergy—Psoriasis. It doesn’t sound possible to link these symptoms together. But it is true.

            Ray came to see Min in August with rashes and weeping all over his body especially under arm and groin areas. These had flared up for the last three months. It had made him very irritable, insomnia and fatigue.

            One of the TCM diagnostic method is tongue checking. Min has noticed there is empty spot on Ray’s tongue. Follow the indication, Min found a 15cm long lump in Ray’s abdomen. That could be a growth or ulcer in the descending colon.

            Chasing his history, that Ray had very bad bacteria diarrhoea in February for five weeks. It was 15 – 18 times diarrhoea every day with mucus and blood. It was finally brought down to 10 – 12 times a day. He decided that he can live with and had enough with the medicine, so he stops them. In May, he had a food allergy and broken out rashes all over him. His son also had allergy from the same food and had rashes, but got over in three weeks time. Unfortunately, Ray could not get over but worse and worse. He consulted with many doctors and alternative therapists, and din't cure the problem.

            The rashes soon became psoriasis and making him mad. Min understands the underlying problem. Other then a tube of cream and a bottle herb for liver cleansing, Min was concentrated in his colon treatment. By using acupuncture and infrared working on his tummy, the spot on his tongue is smaller and smaller, then coated nicely. In this stage, Min suggested using some vitamin supplements. Ray’s situation improved progressively. In two months treatment, his bowel motion is back to normal which is only one or two firm motion a day; his tongue is evenly coated and nice pink in colour; his skin healed like nothing happen there before; his energy is ever so good.

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