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Kinds of Arthiritis





Sue, 61yo has been diagnosed Fibromyalgia ever since she was a teenager. Always feeling tired and has no energy to do any gardening work. She has been suffering so much pain everywhere that often causes insomnia. She has fibroid lumps all over her body and worse in neck, shoulder, back and leg areas.  Noticed her tongue is very pale with a powerless pulse.        


In this chronic case, Min has given her both Chinese herbal medicine for internal strengthening and acupuncture and massages for muscular pain. It may not yet cure the disease after 40+ years, but the result is remarkable. With the regular visit, she is very happy with the better quality of life.


Frozen Shoulder

May be after you have worked hard in the garden? May be you have moved furniture or just holding a bottle of milk walking in the shopping centre? Somehow, your muscle was over worked in some stage. Some bruce may fiberoid and your shoulder become stiff and loss the movement.
Min will use the infar-red massage to soft the tissue and the warm-up follow up always help the treatment effectively. Ussually, a few weeks treatement for those not so serious condition but more for those baddly calcificated cases.

Osteoporosis Improvement Back to Full Time Work

On age 48, Mrs.L had diagnosed in Osteoporoses and L4 and L5 height has reduced >20%. In Year 2000, her bone density on lumber spine was 0.843, Y 2003 down to 0.805. Doctor started her in Fosmax, then Y 2005 back up to 0.828. Not very long after her test, she was feeling very tired all the time and decided took a long break travelling around Australia and continue on Fosmax treatment. Half way on her journey, in Year 2006 she took a bone density test, it was gone down to 0.794. Two years later, they come back and settle down in Brisbane again. She was feeling unable to do any work, by standing a few hours cafe work, she had enough for the rest of the day. She doesn’t realise that the poor bone condition had claimed so much of her energy.


Came to see Min 10 months ago, Min did not just treat her condition but also educate her with a combination of diet, nutrition, lifestyle, supplements and medications, as well as DYO posture adjustment everyday. She was taken twice a week infrared and acupuncture treatment in the beginning for about 6 weeks, then once a week for another 6 weeks. Her spinal condition had noticeable changes and so is her energy felt so much better as short as only in 3 months. Because her work experiences and positive work attitude, she got promoted to a store manager and work full time. She handled the full time job right through and her back has not been a trouble.


On Jan. 2009 bone scanning, her bone density is come back up to 0.823, even her scoliosis has got straighter. It is still not great, but considering her bone density was lower and lower each year, considering her age, considering her workload, considering she has never take any hormone replacement, Mrs.L is quite happy with her progress, and felling stronger and the pain free result.

Tennis Elbow

The technical name for tennis elbow is "lateral epicondylitis". This term indicates an inflammation occurring near a small point or projection of the upper arm bone (humerus) just above the elbow joint on the outer side of the arm. However, pain can also occur in other areas of the forearm and elbow.

The pain from tennis elbow comes mainly from injured or damaged tendons near the elbow. Tendons are strong bands of tissue that connect muscles to bones. When repeatedly stressed or overused, tendons can become inflamed. This results in a painful condition called tendonitis.

Many acupuncturists treat tennis elbow, but usually need months of treatment and still just relieve the pain. Min will first use an infra-red massager to increase the local circulation, generate information to create an environment for the tendon/membrane to have a chance to grow onto the bone, then the following treatments will continue to help the circulation and the swollenness will then gradually ease off. The tendon/membrane will then firmly grow on the bone. Which if you don't repeat the damage, this process is most likely to heal the tennis elbow and you will not have any further complaints.

Heel Spur Treatment

Heel Spir Treatment


Heel Spur, Foot Arch Pain, Bunion Toe and Plantar Fasciitis
Min believes that the good circulation is the essential solution for the problems, which coldness and continuously rubbing your feet on the hard floor are not recommended. Min offers the effective treatments for both Heel Spur and Plantar Fasciitis in a combination of the following therapies:
Infrared local massage;
Magnetic Therapy;
Home activity advices.
The result is almost instantly pain relieve. Usually take 10-20 treatment depends on the severity of your problem.
Address 113 Didbrook St, Robertson, QLD. 4109.
Phone: 0414 088 086 / 3277 0263

Hip Joint Arthiritis X-Ray

Causes of Arthiritis

Although we understand how some forms of arthritis start, we are still in the dark about other forms. In this section we would like to summarize the known possible causes, and also contribute some ideas from Chinese medicine and Qigong.

1. Weakness of the Internal Organs:

We already know that the condition of the internal organs is closely related to our health. According to Chinese medicine, there are five Yin organs which are considered the most important for our health and longevity. These organs are the heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, and spleen. Whenever any of these five organs is not functioning properly, sickness or even death can occur. Furthermore, all of these five organs are mutually interrelated. Whenever there is a problem with one, the others are always involved too. For example, gouty arthritis is caused by the improper functioning of the liver and kidneys.

2. Defective Genes:

Only recently it was reported that some forms of arthritis are caused by defective genes, which are inherited from one's parents. According to Chinese medicine, the genes are considered the essence of your being. This essence is responsible for the production of hormones, from which Qi is generated. When this Qi is led to the brain, the spirit is raised. When all of these conversion processes are functioning normally, the immune system is strong and sickness is less likely. One of the main goals of Qigong is learning how to convert the essence into Qi efficiently and lead it to the brain.

3. Weak Joints:

Weak joints can come from heredity or from lack of exercise. The body is a living machine, so the more you use it, the better condition it will be in. Chinese medicine believes that even if you have inherited a weak joint it is still possible to strengthen it through Qigong. When you exercise, Qi is brought to the joint by the movement of the muscles and tendons. This will nourish the joint and rebuild it.

4. Injury:

According to today's medicine, some forms of arthritis are caused by injury to the joints. Although the injury may not be serious, it may have significant results. The injury can affect the muscles, tendons, ligaments, or even the cartilage and bone. Whenever any joint injury, even a minor one, is not treated, the normal smooth Qi circulation in the joint area will be affected. If the situation persists, the Qi imbalance can cause problems such as arthritis.

5. Aging:

Aging has always been the cause of many sicknesses, including arthritis. When you are old, the Qi level in your body is low. Since your system is being deprived of the required amount of Qi, it starts to degenerate. One of the main goals of Qigong practice is learning how to slow down the aging process by building up the Qi in the body.

6. Qi Deficiency:

Qi deficiency is responsible for many problems. It can be caused by emotional depression and sadness, which can lead the Qi inward and make the body Yin. This deprives the outer body of Qi. When this happens, you will generally feel cold. If the problem persists for a long time, the muscles and tendons will be affected by the the lack of Qi, and the joints will be weakened.

Qi deficiency can have other causes, such as the weather. For example, your body's Qi is more deficient in the winter, and there fore, arthritis can be more serious then.

Qi deficiency can also be caused by working for prolonged periods in a damp area, or by exposing your joints to the cold.

7. Tension:

Tension includes both mental tension and physical tension, which are related and cannot be separated. Constant mental and physical tension can increase the pressure on the joints. For example, some people are very tense and grind their teeth in their sleep, which can cause arthritis in the jaw.

A lot of body tension is caused by the emotional disturbance which is related to your mental reaction to stressful events. For this reason, learning how to regulate your mind is an important part of the treatment of arthritis.

Feet Arthritis Treatment

Feet Arthritis

Infared healing for Chrohn's disease

So many people suffering irritable bowel syndrom and Chrohn's disease. So many patients had bowel operation or diagnosed bowel cancer. Almost every day we have patient come through the door looking for help.

Min had many successes by useing herbal medicine and infared dirrect treatment physically helped many severe abdomenal complains. That is help them from gaining better circulation, healing ulcer spots, unblocked the bowel, avoided major operations, and more importantly, prevent cancer development.

Learn more about Chrohn's disease TCM treatment.....

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