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Teenage Eating Disorders


Teenage is the rapid growing age. There is a great concern when your teenager complains nauseate, vomiting, heart burnt, bloating stomach, sick of the foods or do not have the interest to eat. They may further, develop into stress, depression, anxiety, and loss  self esteem. Importantly, this slows their growing.
There is no such uniform treatment for any problem. We would like to take individual diagnosis to see whether the diet control, the stomache ulcer treatment, the emotional upset or sleeping patern may plays the role. The reason causes eating disorders is endless, even family or parents argument can be harm the teenages. The disorders can be treat as long as we can found the reason and that is what Min may do, is helping you identify the problem(s), give you the advise and offer the best treatment to you.

Do you wonder why she feeling tired?

She was breathing NO2 & CO2 eight hours per day!


A young florist comes to see me because she always feeling tired. Check her story, her tongue was pale and pulse was weak, I found that she was in badly anaemia situation, and no doubt, that was a strong reason to feeling tired. Three, four treatments after, she only improved a tiny little bit.


That is very unusual for a young lady. I start wondering what she does every day. how and where she works. For instance, most people would think that working with flower is relaxing, happy and a nice profession for girls. But I never thought this young lady is working in a basement on her own, sorting out flowers from 8.30 to 5.00 every day. The basement has no window, no breathing hole other then the stairway and just electricity lights, and she is surrounding with hundreds kilos of flowers.


Do you know that flower release Oxygen when sunny days, but release Nitrogen when dark, cloudy or rain days? I remember a retired nurse tells me, they use to take off the flowers from patients’ room in evenings every day. This florist is working in the pollution; lake of oxygen to helping form red blood cells; you wonder why she feeling tired. Such working environment should not be allowed regarding workers’ health and safety policies.

Haemochromatosis ___Excess Iron, Calf ulcer, Irretable bowel syndrome

Haemochromatosis ___Excess Iron

Betty was 62yo when she first consulted me 15years ago. She has been diagnosed with Haemochromatosis for two years, that is a condition where there is too much iron in her blood. For the last two years, the only medical treatment involed is having 500ml of her blood drained from her every week. Betty really felt sick and tired, and was frustrated with this ongoing blood takings.
After examining Betty I prescribed some Traditional Chinese herbs. Ever since the first herb down to her throat, she has not been taken any blood. After taking a course of 3 bottle herbs, Betty's blood test results became normal for the first time in 2 years. That was 15 years ago, and today Betty is in her healthy 70s, enjoying a better quality of life, free from medicatiion and no need to have her blood drained.
With over 30 years experiences, Min Wu can deal with a wide range of conditions and is happy to discuss with your health problems.

Calf Ulcer

Mr. R. was in his 70s. Because his diabetes situation, a little scratch on his calf infected and became an ulcer after while. It was very smelly with dirty green discharge. Taking antibiotic for the last three years, he did not get anywhere. The wound was getting bigger and bigger after every surgery clean up. It was a 50 cent size when he first visit Min. Min cleans up his wound every time and treat with a detailed laser for every 2nd days. There were noticeable improvement after every treatment. New tissue was growing, visit reduce to once a week, the wound was smaller and nicely healed in the end.

Mrs Wong (68yr) also had two wounds in her calf for years. With diabetes and arthritis, her slow circulation just lack of supportive for the healing. After two months (2 to 1 treatment a week) treatments from Min, her wounds finally healed.

Mr. M. (30s) had two varicose veins surgery in England 3 years ago and migrant to Australia for one and a half years, which he has been told by his doctor, that the warm climate may help heal his wound. But this did not happen, instead, the wound infected terribly. He found very hard to cope with the full time standing work with swollen leg and pussy wound. He has to cut the pant, shoes and socks open to allow the leg breathing. He was taking antibiotic and worphine for three years since surgery. Nothing seems helped. The wound was so smelly that his son and wife are not able to close him.
Coming to swc clinic, the receptionist suggest if Min may can do some thing for him. By doing a similar treatment above, Min helped him in 6 weeks. He is now, no more swellen leg and working full time.


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Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Geographic Tongue

Irritable Bowel Syndrome could be diagnosed from as young as a toddler. You may can grow out of it, but you should not think "it may can go away". So many children caused malnutrition. So many adults carrying this problem for their life. The above tongue so called "Geographic Tongue" is a good picture from most patients who suffering irritable bowel syndrome.

Although many people using different medication and alternative herbs to helping the symptoms. In TCM, there is no such one formula can help every one's bowel. Min is experience in diagnoses and had many success to treat such problems. Your condition could be cured by the combination of acupuncture, infared treatment and the right formula in a few weeks.
So do some thing NOW. do not wait till anemia, do not wait till infertility or fatigue syndrome......

Most of Min's services are health fund rebatable

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