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Tai Chi Helps Fibromyalgia Patients

By Thomas Boldt, L.Ac.

According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in August, Fibromyalgia patients have a new hope: Tai Chi.

In the clinical study performed at Tufts University in Boston, MA, researchers randomly divided a group of 66 patients into two even groups of 33. The control group received 60 minutes of stretching and wellness information, while the other was taught Tai Chi. Researchers gave both groups a questionnaire that gathered information on physical pain, mental strain and overall quality of life. Additionally, patients were assessed by physicians. After 12 weeks, the same questionnaire was given, and they found the Tai Chi group experienced significantly better results over the control group. At 24 weeks, they again gave the questionnaire and found that the positive results of the Tai Chi group had been maintained. Furthermore, one third of that group stopped using their medications compared with one-sixth in the control group.

Fibromyalgia is a complex disorder marked by pain throughout the body, fatigue, insomnia and depression. Though it is not well understood, it is very real. It affects about 10 million people in the United States alone— most of them women. Tai Chi is a multifaceted practice, incorporating physical movement with mindfulness in a social environment. It is generally practiced as a form of Chi Gong—more for its healing and strengthening properties than its fighting application.

As such, it makes up one of Chinese medicine’s five branches. When combined with the other four: acupuncture, Chinese herbs, massage and nutrition, it can be very effective in healing many chronic conditions.

It is so frustrated that Margeret suffering Restless Legs for the last 3 years. She is 83yo and everywhere she went, she got told that is old age problem, and doctors and medications did not do any thing for her.

She had tried Acupuncture, and the acupuncturist was put a dozen needles on her legs but that done her no good. Come to see Min for the last resort, Min showed a positive confidence that needling on her scalp on the Trembling/Dancing zone will help her legs under control. In fact, Min didn't put a single needle on her leg, instead, on her head. After inserted 4 needles and joined them to an electrical stimulator, her legs were all go quiet. She had a peaceful sleeping on the treatment table.

Twice a week treatment for five weeks now, her result is remarkable. Margeret now only take a sleeping pill occasionally. Margeret feels every tretment is better than last time. She can sleep most of the nights without medications now.

Muscle wasting after the virus attack
---Min Wu
Mr.B had see Min once and his health has had remarkable improvement. In the end last year (2006), B recommended his wife Jane come to see Min who had suffered virus for months and her muscle is wasting away rapidly. Jane still cannot get over the cough by March at the time she comes to Min. She has noticed her right arm was weakening for a few months. She visited many doctors and neurologists, done many X-rays and brain scans, but found nothing wrong. She got diagnosed muscle wasting. But the doctors cannot do any thing for her. When she comes to see Min, her arm cannot even hold a tea pod.

According her signs and symptoms, Min uses strong herbal formulas to strengthen her digestive system, advises her daily diet, which will giving her the resource to grow muscle. In the same time, Min uses infrared and acupuncture to help her arm in better circulation and movement.

After the first week treatment, she can lift her arm to shoulder level; second week, no more cough and phlegm, she can rise her arm to ear level; in five weeks time, her arm can row around and energetic. She is amazed how much the treatments have given her the better quality of life.

Motor Neurology Disease


After three weeks virus attack, Mr. J lost movement in his 10 fingers and 10 toes. He soon got diagnosed from the Neurologist that he was got a Motor Neurology Disease. GPs and specialist did not offer any treatment, just let his body to fight over the virus. Four weeks on, his problem was worsening. He lost his feeling, movement and strength from all his fingers and toes. He cannot see any hope of recovering. Being a father of two, the family main income earner, he is desperately looking for help. Met his Chiropractor in the shopping center, he got suggested to see Min. A huge change began in the first treatment. When Min insert needles on his scalp, warm feeling running through Mr. J's arms, fingers, legs and toes. New hope is waking up his nerves. Mr. J had 85% recovering after 6 treatments. And reviewed his story a month later, Mr. J was back to work. All his fingers and toes were normal in both feeling and movement.

Broken spine from T7/T8 for 9 years
Rob will never forget the motorbike accident happened on him 9 years ago. he has broken spine from T7/T8 level and the spinal cord had also broken. He was ended in the wheelchair, and no felling from T7 downwards. But he never give up for hope, his positive attitude keep him active and look for help for all those years. Nine years on, Rob's arms getting very tired, his feelings getting less. A massage therapist referred him to see Min. Min found a palm size swelling on his mid-back covered from T7-L1. This certainly could be a problem caused his already weaken nerve under more pressure. Min uses infared massage and followed acupuncture on JiaJi point along the spine. The swelling goes down every week and his feeling is coming back more and more.

She didn't go blind. infact, brighter.

Grandma was 73 when she first consult with Min 12 years ago. Her right eye had blinded for a year. And her left eye could also be blind in six months time according her specialist. She was penic to look for help.

Min analysed her case and explained in terms of Yin Yang balance theory. Which she has been a diabetic for tens of years; she also suffering high blood pressurem and the medication side affects made her in baddly stomache ulcer. She was in a situation of excessive Yang condition.

A herbal formular was not targeting any symptom, but eleminate Yang condition lowered her blood pressure, soothed her stomache and helped her suger level. She soon able to cut down the medications. Her sign is better and better. Back to the specialist six months later, she didn't go blind, in fact, brighter.

Pins and Needles

Kevin is a handyman under contract with a body corperate company. He works very hard and try to do every thing by himself. He is fit, but just the pins and needles in his right fingers makes him very uncomfortable.

It was no doubt that the nerves are under pressure in his cervical levels. Min first massage then use infared on his neck, follow with acupuncture to free up the pressure from his neck. After a few weeks treatment, his fingers has no more pins and needles.

balancing Yin Yang to achieve your highest health potential