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15yo wet bed?!

It is not a psychological problem. He, the 15 years old boy is perfectly healthy but just wet bed a coupple times a night, every night for the last 15 years. He also needs to go to toilet every class breaks during the day. Mum and Day has taken him to all different doctors and therapists but no different. They have been take turns to change his bed for the last 15 years and have no idea what and who can help their son.
Initial consultation with Min, things has changed ever since. Min found nots in each side of his urinary tract and believe that was the problem stimulating the urine sensation. Treat from there, even the first week, the number of bed wetting has reduced. All just took 3 months treatment, the boy had only 1 accident that caused by soft drink drinking before bed time.
The boy is now living positively and will not have any problem in his future. The best outcome is, with NO SURGERY, all nots in his urinary tract are disappeared by acupuncture and infrared treatments.

Incontinence of urine

Many weman suffering incontinence after given childbirth, hysterectormy, operations and manopause. The complication of health situation made many of them living in a anxious status, although physiotherapy has helped most of them take control of incontinence.

Mrs.R. mother of 4 did not had any surgery. Her youngest child is 23. She is on her early 50s and she is over weight. Like others, She has seen many doctors and specialists, she has been to physiotherapist for pelvic-floor exercises, she try very hard to walking in the mornings. Still, she has to make sure there is a toilet handy before she will go somewhere that she has never been. Embarrassment had limited her social life.

Through the consultation, Min has found that she has no problem when she sleeping but she will loss control soon she stand up. She has a very thick lyer of flopy fat around her waist, and that is why she did not helped by exercises. Weight loss is neccessary in this case, but she has no control over her bladder and no energy to exercise. To treat this complication, Min use herbs to help her energy, acupuncture to strenghen her abdomenal wall, living advices also gave her a great of comfidence, as well as encourage her continue all those exercises she has been taught. Ms. R. got helped and enjoy her social activities now. next thing, she will seriously get onto a weight loss program.

Thyroid hypo-function

Ms S. use to be an active basketball champion though high school and young adulthood. She describe herself has always been positive and passionate in life. Some years ago, she found herself start puting on weight, there was about 3kg every month. She has consultted with many doctors but no one can answer why. She has to leave the sport but this weigh business is not leave her alone. Finnally, she got found out that her thyroid is under function. Every since, she got put on Thyrocin. Five years on this medication, she was weight 144kg in year 2002 and her T3 was -145.

Come to see Min for her weight problem in Sep. 2002, Min did not give her any weight loss program, but use herbal medicine to help her come off medication. Herbs made huge improvement for her fatigue syndrome. She start feeling better energy to cope with the stressful work. She has been successfully cut back medication every month. By May 2003, she was no more on medication. Then the next step was cut down the herbal medicine. In a totle of 18 months time, she had lost 23kg and not take any medicine at all. It sounds slow process. Compare those years keep putting on weight and putting on medicine, it is really a leap over for her.

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